China Aims to Cut Another 200 Million Tons of Dispersed Coal Usage by 2025


On September 24, NRDC, in partnership with China Energy Conservation Association and Energy Foundation China, co-hosted the Fifth Annual Conference on Dispersed Coal Management in Beijing and released the research report “China Dispersed Coal Governance 2020”. The report pointed out that China is on track to reduce 200 million tons of dispersed coal consumption during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. By improving subsidies for switching to renewable energy, promoting energy efficiency for buildings, and establishing a better monitoring system, China could cut another 150-200 million tons of dispersed coal consumption by 2025, which would further reduce the country’s reliance on coal and improve air quality. Dispersed coal is a low-grade fuel commonly used in Northern China for cooking and heating. About 400 participants from government agencies, domestic and overseas research institutes, universities, central and local experts, and enterprises attended the conference in-person and online.

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