China Could Cap Its Electricity Sector’s Coal Consumption as Early as 2020


On May 16 the China Coal Cap Project released a research report, “China Power Industry Thirteenth Five-Year Coal Cap Mid-Term Evaluation and Later-Term Outlook,” that analyzed the reasons for the increase of electricity consumption in China in 2018, and forecasted the electricity demand and coal consumption in the electricity sector for the later period of 13th Five-Year Plan. Representatives from government agencies, domestic and overseas research institutes, enterprises and environmental NGOs attended the event. Coal power plants currently have a total of 1,000 GW of installed capacity and account for more than 40% of China’s total carbon emissions. Capping the sector’s coal consumption is crucial to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. The policy recommendations provided by the report could help China cap its electricity sector’s coal consumption as early as 2020. 

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